Make a Cake

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Less is More“, Week 124


For our Theme this week we have chosen something this is very prevalent in Blogland at present… and that is



Time was fleeting this week.
But I just managed to do the card for this week`s Challenge…last-minute…
Premiere for one of the new In Colors.


Diese Woche ist mir die Zeit davon gelaufen.
Die Karte für diese Challenge habe ich in letzter Minute gemacht.
Premiere für eine der neuen In Colors.





Papier: Flüsterweiß und eine neue In Color.

Stempel: “Make a Cake”, “Ein Gruß für alle Fälle”,

gestempelt in einer neuen In Color.

Stanze:  1-1/4″ Wellenkreis.

Prägeform: Honigwaben.

Die Torte und den Spruch habe ich mit Abstandspads aufgeklebt.


 The following post at LIM made me really happy.

My Supermouse card was chosen!!!

Thanks so much Chrissie and Jen!

It`s a pleasure to be a part of LIM.


Friday, 21 June 2013

One Layer ShowCASe

It seems that the one layer card no longer leaves crafters with the shakes and we had some super examples for our Need for Speed Challenge!
Without further ado here are our choices!


OLW 143
Perfect CAS


super henry
Such a cutie!


Worth a giggle!


Super design!


Please take the Showcase Badge ladies and thank you all for these fabulous examples of  wonderful, CAS one layer cards!

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